About Fidelia


 The Fidelia Home Mission Statement

At Fidelia, your relationship with us begins the moment we communicate with one another. Our purpose is to enhance your life; we don't merely offer top-quality, best-in-class bathing solutions for your home, but we are an education-driven, well-being focused company, with an unwavering commitment to improving your physical and mental health.

At Fidelia everything we do is guided by the core values our company possess from the beginning:

  • A dedication to unparalleled excellence in everything we undertake: from our response times and punctuality to our professionalism and website design, at Fidelia, we maintain the highest standards.

  • Entrepreneurialism: We inspire all our leaders to take responsibility for their decisions and chart their own course. At Fidelia, we don't merely develop employees; we cultivate leaders.
  • Courage: We motivate our leaders to learn and explore new experiences. After acquiring new knowledge, leaders are encouraged to apply their insights within the business. We foster a relentless belief in our team's capabilities.
  • Swift and Systematic Execution of Goals: We address challenges promptly, efficiently, and methodically. When issues inevitably emerge, we are ready to resolve them.
  • Kaizen – or continuous improvement: We urge our leaders to never settle and to consistently strive for self-improvement in all aspects of life, always seeking to become better versions of themselves.

Responsibility #1: Our Customers

Our foremost responsibility lies with our customers. As the users of our products, we are devoted to offering you an extraordinary customer experience, starting from our initial interaction through product delivery. To achieve this objective, we ensure that all our products are of the highest caliber, concentrating on providing the finest options within each category.

As a well-being company emphasizing health, we disseminate pertinent, health-oriented educational resources through our extensive online presence, social media, weekly blogs, and emails. We are committed to enhancing your capacity to make informed, health-conscious choices, allowing you to fully reap the rewards of our products.

Responsibility #2: Our Employees

Our subsequent responsibility is towards our employees. We respect your personal choices and preferences, acknowledging your dedication and efforts, and offering opportunities for continuous improvement and skill development. Professional growth is at the core of our values. We strive for equitable and competitive compensation, taking pride in rewarding collective success rather than solely emphasizing individual performance and outcomes.

We encourage all employees to freely share their ideas, enabling our brand to evolve within our meritocratic environment. We offer generous paid time off and comprehensive insurance policies, always aiming to treat you as the exceptional individual that you are.

Responsibility #3: Our Brand Partners

Another responsibility we owe is to our brand partners. We consistently endeavor to promote your products and services that align with our values, whenever possible. We take pride in our prompt, organized, and efficient order submission processes, and diligently address any order-related concerns that may arise. In all interactions with our suppliers, we are responsive, professional, and courteous.

Responsibility #4: The Global Community

Finally, our responsibility extends to the global community. Every member of the Fidelia Home team has a duty and obligation to reach their highest potential as a human being and strive to become the best version of themselves. By doing so, we will radiate a positive influence on everyone we encounter. Fidelia Home team members are professional, respectful, hardworking, and excel in their roles. Our objective is to ensure that everyone who interacts with Fidelia Home feels uplifted by the experience.

We eagerly anticipate serving you.

 Fidelia's Core Values

Meritocracy: Within our organization, everyone's opinion matters. If you believe there is a more effective approach to a task, we welcome your input. However, be prepared to support your perspective with well-reasoned arguments. All aspects of our business—promotions, raises, growth opportunities, and more—are based on merit and deserved recognition.
Unwavering Dedication to Exceptional Service: We continually strive to achieve the highest standards in everything we do, ensuring our customers enjoy a top-tier experience. Our responsiveness, availability, and innovative problem-solving methods place your concerns and needs at the center of our attention. When challenges inevitably emerge, we approach solutions with creativity, precision, and efficiency. In turn, we expect our customers to understand the circumstances at hand and treat our employees with respect, regardless of the situation. If you are unable to commit to this principle, we kindly ask that you seek an alternative service provider. By embracing these core values, we at Fidelia remain steadfast in our mission to provide exceptional service and safety education to our customers while fostering a supportive and growth-oriented environment for our team
Entrepreneurialism: Our employees enjoy the freedom to work and create their own path without micromanagement. We encourage all team members to be confident, bold, and make decisions that they believe are best. This approach enables us to attract top talent to our company.
Boldness and Commitment to Excellence: We motivate our team members to take calculated risks and push themselves to their highest potential—whether that means expanding into a new product line or reaching out to a new client. We champion bold decision-making and the pursuit of excellence.
Continuous Improvement: We dedicate 10-20% of each day to learning or refining a skill set, be it through books, courses, or other educational avenues. This commitment to growth ensures that our team remains at the forefront of industry knowledge and expertise
At its essence, Fidelia is a customer service-oriented company. We pledge an outstanding online shopping experience from beginning to end. We guarantee faster response times and support than any other online retailer. Don't just take our word for it—try our chat feature in the bottom right corner or give us a call to experience our exceptional service firsthand.

What We Offer

Fidelia specializes in bathtubs, hot tubs, and bathroom safety products designed to elevate your home wellness experience. Our founders are passionate about health, safety, and luxury, and aim to help you create a relaxing sanctuary within your own home. To ensure a seamless online shopping journey, we offer services such as assembly for any products, financing options up to $10,000, and a knowledgeable team of experts available to assist you, among many other benefits.

Brands We Offer

The reason leading brands choose to collaborate with us lies in our ability to deliver outstanding online shopping experiences, exceptional response times, and more. We recognize that as the world becomes increasingly digital, purchases traditionally made in warehouses and showrooms will shift to online transactions. Fidelia is well-prepared to play a significant role in this ongoing revolution.

Who We Serve

We cater to individuals who are passionate about enhancing their well-being and comfort within their own homes. If this describes you, we believe that our extensive range of products can contribute to your journey. Fidelia's goal is to become your go-to store for crafting a safe and luxurious haven in your own home.


Our Distribution Facilities

We boast an impressive logistics network with warehouses situated across the United States, from which all orders are shipped. Any order placed within the U.S. will be dispatched from our U.S. warehouses. At Fidelia, we guarantee the most competitive prices online for all our products, and if you find a lower price, we will match it.

Business Information

  • Phone: 1-716-701-4161
  • Email: support@fideliahome.com 
  • Location: Our products are shipped from various warehouses around the USA. We have office addresses in Wyoming, Nevada, and Casper.

What does Fidelia mean?

Fidelia is derived from the Latin word "fidelis," which signifies loyalty and trust. We chose this as our name because we are committed to offering only the best products, ensuring our customers' satisfaction and trust in our brand.